Turtles: Rescue and Rehoming

We are proud to have Donna as a member of Totally Tanked! Over the past few years she has looked after many sick turtles, up to 50 at a time! She takes in turtles that have been lost or abandoned, via the SPCA, Hornby Vets and word of mouth. Many turtles arrive starving, vitamin deficient and suffering from various shell conditions and stress. It can take months or even years of rehabilitation to recover.  Once they are healthy she attempts to rehome them to new caring owners.

Planning on getting a turtle? Donna can provide you with accurate information on your new family member's needs and save you money on unnecessary equipment. Already have a turtle? Feel free to e-mail for information on how to care for it best. If you need help with an unwell turtle, Donna can help or direct you to someone who will. If you're going on holiday your turtle can be looked after, please e-mail for more information.

Donna receives no financial help to pay for general care, and vet bills of rescue turtles. In winter, her power bills are at least $500 a month and up to $800! Any donations to help with caring for the turtles would be greatly appreciated.

Tax deductable donations can be made through:

NAME: Nature By Design Ltd .  REFERENCE: Turtle Rescue.  ACCOUNT: 020828 0091088 83

(NB/ You must email your name and address to Donna at turtleinfo@paradise.net.nz and state you have made a donation if you wish to receive a tax certificate.)  


Paypal provides secure credit card donations (Please be aware that Turtle Rescue is charged a fee by paypal to receive your donation).




If you want to help with non-monetary donations (eg time, food, tanks, etc) please contact Donna Moot.

For information or help

Contact Donna Moot


Telephone: 021 202 0185

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